About The Centre

Bishkek Centre of International and Comparative Law is an independent legal centre which main activity is aimed at conducting research on the main issues and current events in the field of international and comparative law.

The main objectives of the Centre are the development of analytical thinking and research thinking in the legal field, as well as the understanding, development and practical application of international and comparative law.

As part of its mission, Centre conducts research, implements projects aimed at promoting the study of international and comparative law. The Centre’s research projects, activities and publications cover all areas of international and comparative law.

The Centre made up of a team of professionals, who work together and help you to acquire theoretical knowledge and research skills in legal science

Our Team

Our team consists of specialists in Kyrgyz and foreign legislation, who have extensive experience in legislation drafting and preparing comparative legal studies, as well as leading experts of international law. Specialists and experts of the Centre are independent, objective and professional at conducting research in the legal field and preparing an analysis of legislation taking into the account the law enforcement practice of foreign countries

Our Experts

Experts and specialists of the Centre offer practical legal ideas, new approaches to the development and popularization of legal studies, whose competence and professionalism is manifested in study and verification of the theory, evaluation of project concepts. On the basis of its work, the Centre organizes the results of scientific research and promotes projects aimed at encouraging the study of international and comparative law